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Submarine rescue support for James Fisher Defence


In 2009, James Fisher Defence brought a rescue submarine to Australia with the intention of demonstrating to the Royal Australian Navy its capabilities. The manned rescue submarine, LR5, is purpose built to provide emergency support to rescue submariners, valuable to the Navy, should one of the Collins class submarines sink. They approached Franmarine to provide the necessary underwater and surface support for their demonstration and operations.

Technical solution

Franmarine provided the underwater and surface support James Fisher Defence required to safely transfer submariners from great depths and ensure a safe return to the surface.


After an impressive capability demonstration by James Fisher Defence, assisted by Franmarine, two Black Carillon operations have since been successfully completed. The operations involved the transfer of submariners from depths greater than 160 metres back to the surface.

Franmarine is proud to play a major supporting role to both James Fisher Defence and the Australian Navy.

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