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Scour Protection - Gavea Lifter

Scour Protection - Gavea Lifter

Franmarine was approached by KJV/Chevron for a technical solution to install scour protection around the the hull of the world's largest semi submergible barge the Gavea Lifter (GL). The GL was positioned on the sea bed floor at the Australian Marine Complex (AMC), Henderson, Western Australia, to provide temporary wharf space during construction of the new AMC Wharf 5a Berth. As part of the Gorgan Project the 196 metres GL, with a sloped stern section posed several technical problems preventing conventional sand filled scour bags being lowered into position.

Franmarine came up with an innovative approach by mixing sand in a hooper on the surface and pumping the slurry underwater where divers filled 1200 kg bulk bags, positioned against the hull. This process allowed the bulk bags to be filled, secured and positioned side by side under the raked stern section and around the hull perimeter, preventing the natural sea bed from being erroded beneath the GL. 

In total some 800 cubic metres of sand bag scouring protection was installed. Franmarine met the Client's requirements even with the added pressure of extreme weather conditions.  Franmarine was able to work closely, safely and effeciently with KJV and PATRICK to ensure no delays to the Gorgon Project Operations.


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