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Underwater epoxy coating paint system trial


After Franmarine performed an innovative underwater cleaning approach, divers noticed large areas of epoxy protective coating was failing and delaminating from the client's infrastructure. Underwater epoxy painting was needed.

Technical solution

Using an environmentally benign blasting medium, Olivine (a non-toxic garnet), existing coatings and corrosion were blasted off the infrastructure. This preparation keyed the metal surface back to bare metal (50 - 75 micron). Following this, Franmarine’s commercial divers were then able to apply two coats of the Allocit Underwater Epoxy Paint to the prepared area, achieving a final surface coat of between 400-600 microns thick.


The infrastructure the product was trialled upon is now likely to be protected for ten years. Franmarine is satisfied that Allocit offers a long term, viable corrosion protection solution to most Ferrous sub-sea structures including ships, piles, sheet pile and so on. At last the Australian Marine Industry has a genuine underwater coating option for corroded and dilapidated surfaces; an innovation by Franmarine.

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