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ACBPS Mooring Maintenance


ACBPS have multiple vessel moorings and navigational aids located within the Ashmore Marine Reserve some 330 nautical miles North of Broome and required annual inspection and mooring maintenance services supplied by a suitably experienced contractor. Due to the extreme isolation of the reserve, environmental significance, unique challenges involved with the supply of such a service comprehensive commercial proposal was called for by the Australian Government in the form of an open tender. 

Technical Solution

Franmarine was able to provide a detailed annual commercial proposal inclusive of a comprehensive mooring materials manifest as to ensure that no moorings or navigational aids were left in an unsafe condition following the annual inspection. Franmarine drew from its longstanding commercial relationships with suppliers of the highest quality marine products to deliver a value for money proposal whilst surpassing client requirements and our Quality ISO9001:2008 obligations.


Franmarine were awarded an ongoing contract with ACBPS to supply mooring maintenance and inspection services within the Ashmore Marine Reserve in line with the proposal presented. Franmarine is proud to continue to provide ACBPS a complete and highly effective service in one of the most isolated and challenging environments in Australia.


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