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Winner - Lloyds List Asia 2014 ‘Environmental Transport Award’

Nov, 20, 2015

Winner - Excellence in Marine Biosecurity Award WA 2015

Aug, 14, 2015

Department of Fisheries Approval

May, 18, 2015

Franmarine can seek approval on a case by case basis to use our Envirocart system for in-water treatment of vessels with non-biocidal coatings which have regional biofouling.

Winner - WA Innovator of the Year ‘Growth Category’

Dec, 16, 2014

Winner - Lloyds List Australia 2014 ‘Environmental Transport Award’

Dec, 10, 2014

Winner - Environment Agriculture and Food Category 2014

Nov, 13, 2014

International Paint Intersleek® Approval

Oct, 21, 2014

Franmarine  Underwater  Services  have been assessed  by International   Paint as being  at Stage 2 in the evaluation  process.  This means that Franmarine  Underwater  Services  have successfully completed International Paint's Intersleek® underwater cleaning panel tests. Panels coated with the Intersleek scheme were immersed until fouled with slime, weed and loosely adhered hard fouling.  These were then cleaned and inspected.  No damage was seen either with the naked eye or under microscopic analysis. Further to this, a cleaning trial was also carried out on a vessel and no damage was seen to the naked eye.

Winner - Golden Gecko 2014

Oct, 07, 2014

Winner - Marine Biosecurity Award ‘Special Innovation Category’ 2014

Aug, 30, 2014

Envirocart wins the Excellence in Marine Biosecurity Award for Innovation. 

This Prestigious Award was announced at the Department of Fisheries Biosecurity workshop.

Envirocart Trials Complete

Aug, 27, 2014

The first commercial unit has now successfully passed all individual head trials and is in final assembly stage.

Scientific Network WA - Envirocart Article

Aug, 12, 2014


  • Improved marine safety by enabling a thorough in-water inspection of vessels hulls.
  • Up to 30% reduction in fuel consumption and GHG emissions.
  • Improved steaming times.
  • Significant reduction in labour cost.
  • Potential certified emission reduction or carbon credits.
  • Reduced vessel down-time and schedule delays by enabling the vessels to be cleaned on site.
  • Reduced dry-docking cost and lost down time.
  • Regenerated anti-fouling by restoring the biocide leach rate.

Science Network WA


Franmarine has developed a new fully enclosed, underwater hull cleaning technology that enables marine biofouling to be removed from a vessels hull and contained (filtered) without damaging the anti fouling paint. The "Envirocart" (Patent Pending) incorporates a revolutionary new system that runs above the hull to provide a contact-less cleaning method for ships hulls, reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions while limiting the potential spread of Aquatic Invasive Marine Species.