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At Franmarine all levels of management have a direct involvement in the Health and Safety Program and they are required to demonstrate a commitment to Health and Safety as a function of their daily responsibilities.  Our Management System is approved by DNVGL to both AS/NZS 4801:2001 and OHSAS 18001:2007 standards.

As the employer of divers and other associated personnel, Franmarine understands its responsibility for the safety and health of all persons employed by the Company, whether as employees or under contract for services.

All personnel have the responsibility to ensure that safe work practices and workplace safety standards are maintained, and that compliance with all relevant statutes and safety policies are adhered to. All personnel have responsibilities related to health and safety.

Franmarine is committed to a culture of continuous improvement across all key departments within the company.


The Management at Franmarine Underwater Services under the scope of registration for underwater marine inspection, repair, maintenance and constructions services are committed to establishing, maintain and continually improving the effectiveness of a fully integrated Health, Safety, Environment and Quality System.

HSEQ Commitment
• Maintain our zero reportable injury status by continually identifying and controlling all potential risk situations through investigation of all near misses, illnesses, incidents and accidents and taking action to prevent any recurrence.
• Where injury or illness occurs to our people, help achieve full recovery through response, treatment and active rehabilitation.
• Continually identify, manage, monitor and improve our systems to ensure the health and safety of our people and our environmental are of priority.
• Regular procedural review and internal audits of our systems to improve health and safety and protect the environment.
• Employee progression through personnel evaluation and training programs.
• Comply with all legislative requirements, regulations, laws and standards applicable to our business.
• Increase education and awareness through ongoing publication of industry safety flashes, safety alerts and near misses.
• Efficient use of energy, recycle and reuse everything we are able to and ensure all contaminants are lawfully removed and disposed of appropriately.
• Use of Job Hazard and Environmental Analysis for every job to control risk to  ‘As Low as Practically Possible’
• Maintain and improve our innovative developments in technology that help to manage the threat of invasive non-indigenous marine species, habitat destruction and species extinctions worldwide.

Key Aspects and Impacts of our business
• Constantly maintain delivery of our company’s HSEQ Objectives.
• The establishment and retention of long term professional relationships with clients.
• The provision of a positive secure work environment that not only promotes long term loyalty but also attracts new highly experienced employees.
• Long term Class Society accreditations that provide the ability to offer a broader range of goods and services than our competitors.
• Maintain our excellent reputation within the industry by being a superior quality and highly innovative service provider.
• The steady, consistent and successful growth of our company